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Scripting a Counterfeit IC Detection Strategy

Imagine a squadron of ten fighter jets taking off from a carrier in response to a threat. As they climb higher, the temperature plunges into the high negative degrees Celsius range. On four of the jets their electronics fail due to counterfeit integrated circuits that were not rated for those extreme temperatures. This was a concern of the US Navy that led to a 2010 report on counterfeit electronics. Read more

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Can I share a COM port between vLink and another application?

COM Ports cannot be shared between vLink and other third party applications such as TeraTerm. When fixtures have been added in vLink Config with SLIP enabled, the Windows Service “Kozio vLink” will take control of the specified COM Ports. To … Read more

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Should the Integration Workbench command tree match the board?

No.  A Command Tree is shipped with each Processor Family Package and contains all available commands for that processor package. The Command Tree is a XML file that resides in your project directory. You can edit the XML to reflect … Read more

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electronica 2012 – A great experience!

blog-banner-electronicaThe Electronica 2012 show in Munich was excellent. Read more

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What is the difference between VTOS 1 and VTOS 2?

VTOS is the firmware loaded on the board. Currently there are 2 different versions: VTOS 1 and VTOS 2. Do not confuse these versions with the VTOS Suite release version. VTOS 2 is used with VTOS Builder and Device Trees. … Read more

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Does patching VTOS2 with Integration Workbench work?

No. When Integration Workbench is used to patch a VTOS version 2, the newly patched VTOS will not work. Integration Workbench patching should only be done on a VTOS version 1.

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Can you download VTOS using a CodeWarrior JTAG connection?

Yes, see the following Application Note: Downloading and Running VTOS on a Freescale P1025 Tower using CodeWarrior and a JTAG Connection.

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How do I make an SD CARD Partition Active under Windows 7?

Mark SD Card Partition Active 1. Open a Command Prompt window. Select Start button , and in the Search programs and files text box, type CMD and press Enter. 2. At the command prompt, enter the follow sequence of commands: … Read more

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The Big Spin – VTOS Suite 2.0

VTOS Suite 2.0 is a major new architectural release realizing a vision that took multiple years to fulfill. Many user benefits are realized with this release. Read more

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