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Do I need a new license when moving to VTOS Suite 2.0?

Yes. If you are moving from VTOS Suite 1.0 to VTOS Suite 2.0 you will need to update your license. Contact for assistance.

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When will VTOS Suite 2.0 be released?

VTOS Suite 2.0 was released on December 1st, 2012. VTOS Suite 2.0 includes VTOS Builder which makes VTOS user configurable. VTOS Suite 2.0 uses Processor Packages ( see the software download page ) for user configuration.

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How do I set up U-Boot to automatically download and run VTOS?

On power up of my device under test (DUT), I would like U-Boot to automatically TFTP my VTOS image from my PC and then execute it. You can use U-Boot environment variables to accomplish this task. Here are the U-Boot … Read more

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Manufacturing Series: Intro

Exploring real life experiences and other fascinating topics centered around the topic of manufacturing. Read more

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