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DDR Survey – The results are in!

blog-banner-surveyOur recent survey on DDR configuration, tuning, and verification was a great success. Thanks to all who completed the survey – your feedback is valuable to us. Check out who won!
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Better Memory – Don’t we all want it?

blog-banner-memoryMemory is at the core of a well functioning human or embedded system device. Without good memory, we all fail to perform. Kozio provides excellent DRAM application testing and continues to innovate.
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In-System Programming Advances and Innovations

blog-banner-ispVTOS provides a fast and the most flexible way of programming any programmable device on your embedded system device. Read more

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VTOS CPU Package Update for the Freescale i.MX53 (3/25/2013)

blog-banner-vtosVTOS package release for the Freescale i.MX53 processor. Read more

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VTOS Package Update for Freescale i.MX6 Designs

blog-banner-vtosWe released new VTOS Standard and Advanced packages for circuit board designs using the i.MX6 Solo or Dual Processors from Freescale. Kozio customers can download and install the new packages and generate a new VTOS for their custom hardware in minutes.
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Working with SPI Devices and VTOS

blog-banner-spiSPI has won a significant role in embedded systems because of the board real estate savings over a parallel I/O bus. Most embedded processors now include a SPI controller; this includes higher end 32-bit processors using ARM, Intel Architecture, and Power Architecture, as well as microcontrollers such as the STM32, LPC, Stellaris, MPC 5xxx, and PIC32. When working with SPI devices under VTOS, you will save significant time configuring, programming, communicating with connected devices, and verifying your hardware design. Read more

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Freescale TWR-P1025 Gigabit Ethernet External Loopback Failure

VTOS does not currently support Gigabit Ethernet External Loopback on the Atheros PHY being used on the Freescale TWR-P1025 Reference Platform.

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