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Hardware Production Test Survey – Here are the results!

Survey BannerIn April we sent out a survey to determine if there is interest in a Hardware Production Test Application (HPT), a VTOS derivative, running as an application on top of the customer’s embedded Operating System (OS). Here are the results and prize winner.
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Accelerating Intel Architecture Support Virtually

Running VTOS on a VM Our business thrives on our ability to quickly support new processor architectures. Often times, we are on the bleeding edge supporting the next generation of a processor that has at best a single reference board using it. The Kozio engineering team creatively used a system virtual machine for developing and debugging VTOS running on Intel Architecture hardware platforms. Read more

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VTOS Package Update for TI AM335x Designs (4/4/2013)

blog-banner-vtosVTOS package release for TI AM335 processors – including models for BeagleBone and AM335 Starter Kit. Read more

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