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Kozio announced the availability of a free trial for VTOS DDR, VTOS Scan, VTOS Program, and vAccess. Interested parties can register and download the VTOS Tools package today. An email will be sent to the registered user with license activation keys. The download, installation, and license activation takes under 5 minutes minutes to complete.

The trial does not limit capabilities. Full functioning products are provided with time-limited licenses. The tools can be used for DDR verification, hardware interface testing, and on-board Flash programming. Full user manuals are installed with the products and process-specific application notes are available on Kozio’s web site. Technical support is provided through email or phone.

Evaluation licenses are activated by a technical sales engineer, so we ask that you allow 24 hours for processing.

The main focus of the evaluation is to allow users a chance to see the tools in action and see how much time and effort can be saved. The tools can be used on a reference platform or your own customer circuit board design. Example configuration files are provided for a variety of reference platforms – simply launch VTOS DDR, VTOS Program or VTOS Scan and open a provided example configuration. Using the example configurations with a reference board, provides a very fast method of seeing the tests and programming in action.

Significant development effort was put into the tools allowing for a easier integration with your test process, especially for manufacturing test. With the vAccess licenses, you can try the tools out with NI TestStand or Kozio’s simple command line test executive. Source code is provided for Kozio’s simple test executive allowing software developers a chance to see the vAccess API in action.

The VTOS DDR™ Family of products include:

  • VTOS DDR Test™
  • VTOS DDR Tune

The VTOS Program™ Family of products include:

  • VTOS Program NOR™
  • VTOS Program NAND™
  • VTOS Program MMC™
  • VTOS Program FPGA™

The VTOS Scan™ Family of products include:

  • VTOS Scan Plus™
  • VTOS Scan Ethernet™
  • VTOS Scan USB™
  • VTOS Scan PCI™
  • VTOS Scan ADC™

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