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You may think it’s too expensive to test every every cell of DDR memory in your circuit board design during manufacturing, but we have a solution that may change your mind.

Our DDR test software runs from the embedded processor, does not require DDR memory for execution, and validates 1 GiB of memory in as little as 9 seconds. The testing includes structural tests, noise tests, and comprehensive bit/cell testing the utilizes multiple passes in order to fully validate DDR memory. The proprietary software algorithms used are in their third generation and have been optimized several times over.

Having a third party validation solution, that does not rely on open-source, can provide the added confidence that your systems critical memory resources are fully validated.

Introducing VTOS DDR Test™

VTOS DDR Test™ is our new, lower-cost product delivering structural, noise, and comprehensive testing of DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 memory. Our latest release delivers a 50% reduction in total DDR test time over prior releases.

Kozio now has two DDR test products: VTOS DDR Tune™ that provides automatic discovery of optimized DDR settings in addition to comprehensive testing, and VTOS DDR Test™ that provides comprehensive testing with no tuning. The new product was introduced based on customer feedback. In manufacturing, there is no need to find optimized settings, only a need to thoroughly test every cell of DDR memory at full processor speed. The new VTOS DDR Test provides that value at a lower price point.

The latest release also provides an overall test time improvement – as measured by the time it takes to load VTOS DDR Test firmware, initialize the DDR controller, and run Kozio’s comprehensive test suite. This time was reduced by 50% in the latest release and will be optimized further in future releases. As way of an example, loading and running VTOS DDR Test on a NXP QorIQ P1025TWR (512 MiB DDR3) took 48 seconds with an older release. With the improvements in our 2.3 release, that time was reduced to 24 seconds.

Gigabit DDR Test Speeds

In order to get a feel for the time required to test DDR memory, the following table was produced. Using VTOS DDR Test™, Kozio’s three main test suites were run on 10 different reference boards. The table provides a listing of the processor, frequency, architecture, DDR size, and DDR frequency. Each of the three tests were timed and the results were normalized against what it would take to test 1 GiB of DDR memory. As a note, the Comp (Comprehensive) test suite includes the tests from structural and noise, plus bit and cell-wise testing. For manufacturing, you can decide to run individual tests, or a combination of tests included in a test suite. (Click on the image to enlarge.)


In order to characterize the cost savings using the Kozio solution, an Excel spreadsheet was created. The spreadsheet allows you to update the number of devices you will be producing per year, the size of DDR being tested, and the operator cost per minute. The other key inputs are the GiB test speed and product costs. In this example, we used the T1040 GiB test speed from the table above.Cost Comparison

The following screen shot provides a capture of cost savings of using VTOS DDR Test over another DDR test solution. The formulas used take into account how many stations are required, and the total cost of manufacturing a device for five years. Click on the image to enlarge.


You can learn more about VTOS DDR Test by visiting, requesting a web demonstration, or signing up for a free trial.

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