VTOS Scan Plus for QorIQ LS102x

Kozio has expanded its processor support into the NXP QorIQ LS1 Family of processors. This release of VTOS Scan Plus includes support for circuit boards using the LS1020A, LS1021A, and LS1022A processors.

NXP describes the LS1 Family as an “extensive integration and power efficiency for fanless, small form factor applications.”

“NXP® has developed a revolutionary new networking system architecture for QorIQ® platforms, built with ease-of-use in mind. Next-generation QorIQ LS series processors are built on Layerscape® architecture, which delivers unprecedented efficiency and scale for the smarter, more capable networks of tomorrow.”

VTOS Scan Plus™ is one of the many products in the VTOS Scan™ Family.

VTOS Scan Plus provides tests for a number of hardware interfaces allowing you to validate a circuit board design before the boot loader or operating system run. VTOS Scan Plus includes tests and commands for GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, Ethernet PHY, NOR Flash, SD/MMC, and SDIO.

VTOS Scan Plus provides functional tests that run from the processor. The VTOS Scan firmware is loaded and runs on any circuit board device without porting or modification. A graphical user interface is provided for test configuration. All test configuration data can be exported for automated testing of one or more devices in parallel.

The VTOS Scan product line provides the ability to test your hardware with no development effort, a very small learning curve, and the ability to test before the boot loader or operating system are running. All products are designed for automated testing with a small integration effort.

To see additional VTOS Scan Plus product information, including screen shots and a product demonstration, check out Introducing VTOS Scan Plus.


If you would like to try VTOS Scan Plus out, please register to receive a Free Trial. If you have other circuit board testing needs, please contact us.

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