VTOS Tools Release 2.3.0

Version 2.3.0

Release date: 20-sep-2016

What’s New

  • New TFTP Server for fast file transfers and Flash programming.
  • vAccess.dll API changes to start and stop a TFTP Server.
  • New menu option to create a desktop shortcut for automatic execution of the current configuration.
  • Updated the Floating License Server to use RLM release 12.1B2/B3.

VTOS Tools

  • Feature: New Advanced Mode (Adv Mode) feature and menu option to toggle the tabbed window. This feature provides a console window for interactively entering firmware commands.
  • Feature: New distribution of tftp_server.exe. This program provides a TFTP Server that is used to transfer files over Ethernet to VTOS Program firmware running on a target device. This new feature provides very fast file transfers for faster programming of NAND and NOR flash devices.
  • Feature: New File >> Export >> Desktop Shortcut menu option. This selection will export your current configuration and create a desktop shortcut for automatic execution of it. The process uses vAccessTest.exe for running the exported test script.


  • Feature: The architecture specific DDR configuration sequence is now pre-loaded automatically by vAccess.dll.  This speeds up the time from connect to running the first DDR test by as much as 20 seconds.

VTOS Program

  • Feature: New TFTP Server support. Menu options to start and stop a TFTP Server for fast file transfers over Ethernet.
  • Feature: VTOS Program NOR Ethernet support for the NXP QorIQ P2020 family. This new feature allows files to be transferred over Ethernet and programmed into the on-board NOR flash device.


  • No specific changes in this release, see VTOS Tools for general product updates.


  • Feature: New TFTPStart() function to launch the TFTP Server. This command  starts the TFTP server unless one is already running. The TFTP Server is not stopped until commanded to do so. This allows a TFTP server to be started once and used many times for programming many boards before stopping it.
  • Feature: New TFTPStop() function to  shut down the TFTP Server. This call does not check for active transfers.
  • Feature: New support for integrated licensing with third-party hardware devices. Kozio licensing now supports licensing based on hardware probe serial numbers.

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