How to Order

Kozio delivers a standard In-System Diagnostics solution for your custom hardware in three weeks or less.

Package Includes:

The package includes customized documentation, training, and ten hours of technical support. Kozio also provides a development kit to extend the base package and expert professional services.

Electronic Software Delivery:

All software is delivered electronically, including upgrades


Most boards are covered with our standard pricing per processor model. Coverage for devices not in our library are quoted separately. Kozio’s host tools are licensed per seat on a floating license model.

Easy to Use:

kDiagnostics can boot through a variety of options such as from a Secure Digital (SD) card, Flash, or other processor supported boot methods. Users have the power to explore and understand their hardware, verify performance, and have full access and control of both low-level hardware and high-level functionality in real-time. Full diagnostic results of your board are delivered within minutes - all through the click of a button.

Easy to Buy

  • We will send you a quote detailing test coverage for your board
  • Once Kozio receives a purchase order and schematic, we deliver the full packaged solution, personalized for your custom board, typically in two weeks or less


For more information, contact and find out how you can accelerate your time to market, add quality to your product, and significantly reduce your risk.