A fully integrated solution for bringing up new hardware and automating hardware test

This new product provides a fully integrated solution for overcoming many of the challenges of hardware bring-up and automated testing. Included is a JTAG Probe, embedded firmware, and PC software. The integrated solution provides DDR optimization and testing, fast device programming, and pre-OS hardware testing.

This solution does not require a boot loader, operating system, or additional software. Starting with a brand-new bare board, install the VTOS Tools software onto a PC, connect the JTAG probe, and use the provided GUIs to guide you.

The integrated package contains firmware images that are pre-configured to run on your processor. The PC software guides you through the process of loading the VTOS Tool firmware. Because the firmware images are very small, the download process typically takes less than 2 seconds.

With the firmware loaded, the PC software uses the same JTAG connection for communicating with the firmware running on your embedded device. Using the GUI, you provide configuration settings specific to your board and the firmware uses those settings without restarting or reloading.

The GUI interface allows you to optimize and test DDR, DDR2, or DDR3 memory; configure and run in-system programming tasks; and configure and run hardware interface tests. All configuration settings can be exported to be used for automated testing - using any test executive such as NI’s TestStand, Kozio’s vAccessTest, or a custom test executive.

Hardware-Assisted Calibration, Programming, and Verification

  • DDR Calibration and Validation
  • In-System Device Programming
  • Hardware Interface testing
  • Fast Data Transfers

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General Features/Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Full integration of JTAG HW + SW
  • Does not require a bootloader or OS
  • No software porting or development

Board Bring-up Benefits

  • Slash DDR config and tuning efforts
  • Pre-OS testing and hardware validation
  • Stable debug interface for testing hardware
  • Fast in-system programming

Production Benefits

  • Comprehensive DDR verification
  • Fast transfers, device programming, and test times
  • Easy integration with TestStand, LabVIEW, and others
  • Complete API for custom applications
  • Easily fits into your manufacturing process