News Releases



2013.10.02 Kozio Announces Verification and Test support for Xilinx Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoCs
2013.06.04 Kozio releases Verification and Test OS (VTOS™) support for Kozio releases Verification and Test OS support for the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family
2013.04.19 Kozio releases Verification and Test OS (VTOS™) support for Freescale Semiconductor’s i.MX 6 series MPUs based on the ARM® Cortex™ - A9 architecture
2013.02.14 Kozio releases Verification and Test OS (VTOS™) support for Sitara™ ARM® AM335x Cortex™ ? A8 processors from Texas Instruments
2013.01.15 Kozio Signs Massachusetts based Value Added Reseller Partner, Trilogic
2012.09.12 Kozio Closes the GAP in the Hardware Design Chain with the Introduction of a User Configurable Verification and Test OS
2012.08.20 Kozio Introduces 30-Day Free Trial of VTOS for Freescale’s P1010RDB and P1022
2012.06.12 Kozio Introduces Industry’s First Verification and Production Test Solution for Embedded Design
2012.06.05 Kozio Introduces a Verification and Test OS (VTOS) for the OMAP™ 5 Platform from Texas Instruments
2012.04.25 Kozio, Inc. Relocates Corporate Offices to Accommodate Growth
2011.10.05 Kozio Delivers One of the Hottest Top 50 Test Products by Test & Measurement World
2011.06.01 Kozio Announces Support for Freescale’s QorIQ® P2 Communications Platform Series
2011.05.10 Kozio Announces the Availability of a Structured, Language-Based Environment for Embedded System Verification
2011.02.24 Kozio Announces Support for Freescale’s QorIQ® P1 Platform Series
2011.01.26 Kozio Introduces Free Use of kDiagnostics for PandaBoard
2010.12.15 Kozio Was Named One of the Most Promising I.T. and Web Companies at 8th Annual Rice Alliance I.T. and Web Venture Forum
2010.10.05 Kozio Receives Patent for Its Invention of an I/O Subsystem Measurement and Characterization Engine Used to Test and Debug Electronic Hardware
2010.09.23 Kozio Introduces Free Trial of kDiagnostics for Users of the BeagleBoard
2010.08.03 Kozio Introduces 30-Day Free Trial of kDiagnostics for Users of Blaze™ Mobile Development Platform
2010.04.13 Kozio Introduces In-System Diagnostics for Embedded Applications Using AppliedMicro’s 460GTx and 460SX Processors
2010.03.30 Kozio Introduces In-System Diagnostics for Texas Instruments OMAP™ 4 Platform
2009.10.29 Kozio Expands in Israel; appoints Pertech as distribution partner for growing market
2009.09.01 Kozio Extends Advanced In-System Diagnostics to the Texas Instruments OMAP™3 Platform
2009.07.07 Kozio Showcases In-System Diagnostics Solutions at virtual Freescale Technology Forum (vFTF)
2009.05.21 Kozio Secures Series A Funding
2009.03.31 Kozio Announces the Release of Version 2.0 of Host Tools for their Engineering & Manufacturing Circuit Board Test Suites
2009.01.26 Kozio Moves to New Office Space, Positioning Company for Continued Growth
2008.10.06 Kozio Announces Latest Release of its Test Tool for the Electronics Industry
2008.08.13 Kozio Supports Freescale's Enhanced Power Architecture™ Microcontrollers for Automotive and Industrial Devices
2008.05.30 Kozio Supports Freescale's Latest PowerQUICC™ III Processor (MPC8544E)
2008.04.21 Kozio Supports Freescale's Latest Storage Processors MPC837x
2008.04.11 Kozio Supports AMCC's New High End Power Architecture 460 Processors
2008.01.31 Kozio Announces its New Device Functional Test Automation for Manufacturing
2007.12.20 kDiagnostics™ Manufacturing Suite Beta Released from Kozio, Inc.
2007.10.31 Kozio Supports 405EX AMCC Processors with kDiagnostics™ Hardware Test Automation
2007.09.13 Kozio Introduces Hardware Test Automation for Devices using IXP435 Processors
2007.08.30 Kozio Unveils Serial RapidIO® Diagnostics for Custom Embedded Controllers
2007.04.02 Kozio, Inc. Partners with AppliedMicro to Deliver Automated Hardware Diagnostics for AppliedMicro's 405EZ Evaluation Platform
2007.03.20 Kozio, Inc. Helps Freescale Customers Speed Development of Network Communications Products
2007.02.27 Kozio, Inc. Partners with Freescale Semiconductor for Free Evaluation of Automated Hardware Diagnostics
2006.11.21 Kozio's kDiagnostics™ Ships with AMCC's New Saguaro Evaluation Kit
2006.10.30 Kozio's kDiagnostics™ Ships on Four New AMCC PowerPC Reference Platforms
2006.09.26 Kozio's kDiagnostics™ Ships on ADI Engineering's New Sidewinder XScale® IXP465 Access Gateway Reference Design
2006.07.31 Kozio's Diagnostic Software Speeds Voice Channel Testing
2006.06.27 Kozio Supports AMCC's New PowerPC® 405EZ Networked Industrial Processor
2006.06.08 Kozio Wins CSIA Apex Award
2006.05.22 Kozio Integrates Support for LSI Logic's Fusion-MPT™ into I/O Path Validation Tool
2006.05.15 Kozio Releases Diagnostic Support for Custom Boards Using PCI Express™
2006.04.17 Kozio Announces Support for Freescale's PowerQUICC™ II Communications Processor Family
2006.04.03 Kozio Supports AMCC PowerPC™ 440SP and 440SPe Storage Processors
2006.03.27 Kozio, Inc. Admitted to Prestigious Freescale Design Alliance
2006.03.20 Kozio's kDiagnostics™ Software Available in AMCC's New PowerPC® 405EP Evaluation Kit
2006.02.28 Kozio Announces Turnkey Board Test Software Supporting the Intel® IOP321 I/O Processor
2006.01.30 Kozio Announces Support for Promise Technology's SATA Controllers
2005.12.19 Kozio Announces Support for Freescale's PowerQUICC™ II Pro Communications Processor Family
2005.11.28 Kozio, Inc. Names New Director of Sales
2005.11.14 Kozio, Inc. Joins Freescale Tools Alliance
2005.08.31 Kozio, Inc. Announces Support for MIPS32 Processor Architecture and VoIP Products
2005.06.29 Customers to Speed Overall Development Time with Kozio’s kDiagnostics™ Software Available in AMCC's New PowerPC® 440EP Evaluation Kit
2005.05.23 Kozio, Inc. Announces Support for Freescale PowerQUICC III
2005.03.24 Kozio Announces Support for AMCC's New High-Speed, Low-Cost 440GR PowerPC® Processor for Networking Applications
2005.02.14 Kozio, Inc. Appoints SDC Systems Limited as European Distributor
2004.11.15 Kozio Announces Support for Intel's® IXP23XX and IXP46X Product Lines
2004.09.13 Kozio kDiagnostics™ Now Offers I/O Subsystem Measurement and Characterization
2004.09.08 Kozio, Inc. Introduces Complete Diagnostics Software Platform Supporting ADI Engineering's Pronghorn Wi-Fi Application Platform
2004.08.09 Kozio, Inc. Introduces Embedded Systems Test Support for ADI Engineering Coyote Gateway Reference Platform
2004.07.08 Kozio, Inc. Introduces Two New Products
2004.06.17 Kozio, Inc. Relocates
2003.10.13 Kozio kDiagnostics Optimized for Embedded Designs With Latest Intel® XScale®-Based I/O Processors
2003.09.09 Kozio Announces Comprehensive Diagnostic Software for Intel® XScale® Microarchitecture-Based Embedded Designs