Kozio Free Trial

Kozio offers a 15-day free trial of all released VTOS Tools supporting a selected processor. The tools include everything you need to configure, test, and tune DDR memory; test for hardware faults on your printed circuit board; and program on-board Flash devices such as NOR, NAND, and MMC.


A full product license with no limitations, which expires after the trial period. Purchase a new license to continue.
Licenses for all released products:
Access to all user documentation.
Technical support via phone or email.

What You Provide

A Windows computer to run VTOS Tools.
Your own circuit board or a processor reference board.
A way to download the VTOS firmware image into the on-chip memory of the target circuit board. Supported methods include: a JTAG programmer, NXP CodeWarrior TAP, Serial, USB, or SD Card.
Internet access to download the VTOS Tools installer and activate your license.


Step 1: Register for the evaluation.
Step 2: Download the VTOS Tools installer.
Step 3: Receive your activation key through email and activate your license.