Kozio Customers - Testimonials

Focused engineering

Using the Kozio solution, our hardware engineers were able to concentrate on hardware development, and our software developers were able to concentrate on producing software instead of debugging hardware. Both teams were able to focus their efforts, significantly increasing productivity and increasing product quality.

Steve Hickle
Mentor Engineering

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Reduction of effort

We have seen significant benefit from our use of Kozio, enabling us to accelerate our development cycle while increasing test coverage, and ultimately achieving design approval ahead of schedule.

We see tremendous value in a product like Integration Workbench and have purchased several licenses of it as we view the migration to Integration Workbench the next logical step, aiding the integration of design and development in the UK with manufacturing in Eastern Europe and the Far East.

Peter Long

Kozio really is the best diagnostic on the market

ADI Engineering has relied on Kozio's tools for design verification test and manufacture test in over 30 designs in the last 6+ years. I cannot agree more about the ease of working with the Kozio design team. Send them a block diagram and receive a full blown, customized diagnostic package in no time that actually works out of the box. Upgrade a component, make a board mod, tweak an interrupt assignment, and get a diagnostic update in hours. And when there are hardware problems, the tools will pinpoint the problem for you. Really takes the guesswork out of board debug. We've fully validated boards in one afternoon using Kozio's tools. These guys are absolute miracle workers. Too good to be true? I say, "Too good not to use them".

Barry Dallavalle
ADI Engineering

Kozio is the solution

Airvana has been using Kozio solution for 3+ years now for DVT and post-production testing in our Femtocells. Kozio was a life saver for us, since we were swamped with other projects and unable to hire anyone in time to write tests for this new project. Within 4 weeks, Kozio was able to give us a working POST and Diagnostic (offline standalone diags) just from a schematic and block diagram.

We also used Kozio's SDK. From which we were able to write our own 'tests & utilities' for our ever evolving Radio section and have these tests running alongside Kozio's tests.

Another plus was their simple scripting language, this allowed our manufacturing team to quickly write their own 'test scripts' to use in post-production. Kozio was able to get back with solutions to almost any problem/request within a day. The engineers were always professional and knowledgeable.

Carmelo Cortes


Kozio products allowed us to remain in control of how the software functions and we were able to extend its capabilities to meet our proprietary needs.

Broad Reach Engineering