A programmatic interface for communicating with all VTOS Tools (VTOS DDR, VTOS Scan, VTOS Program, etc.)

vAccess is a DLL that provides an API for integrating VTOS products with third-party tools, such as NI's TestStand, custom test executives, or third-party user interfaces.

All of the VTOS Tools (VTOS DDR, VTOS Program, VTOS Scan, etc.) are designed to work with vAccess. In fact, VTOS Tools can export project information that can be directly used by TestStand or custom test executives.

In addition, vAccess is designed to work with third-party JTAG hardware. Through this integration, each VTOS Tool object file can be downloaded over JTAG and vAccess can communicate over JTAG to each VTOS Tool. This integration allows for a single connection from the PC to the DUT.

vAccess provides:

  • An API with calls for communicating with VTOS Tools
  • An API for executing VTOS Tool commands on the DUT and getting command results
  • A DLL that can be loaded into TestStand or other executives for automating production test sequences
  • Integration with JTAG hardware for simpler test station configurations


vAccess is licensed on a node-locked or floating license basis. A floating license allows for fast start-up and tear-down of production lines that use vAccess. A license is consumed when the vAccess DLL is loaded and released when the application calling vAccess is halted. To talk to multiple DUTs simultaneously, one vAccess license is required for each DUT.

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Features & Benefits

  • Provides a link between test management software and VTOS Tools
  • Provides a DLL and API for integration with third-party software and custom applications
  • Supports JTAG and serial communications typically used by test station software
  • Exposes all VTOS Tool commands to test station software
  • Allows a pre-specified set of VTOS Tools commands to be run on the production floor
  • Test output from VTOS Tools can be passed back for additional interpretation
  • Integration with TestStand & LabVIEW
  • Complete API for custom applications
  • Easily integrates into your manufacturing process