Everything you need to identify faulty interconnects on your printed circuit board

VTOS Scan is a low-cost software product that provides everything you need to configure and validate the hardware interfaces of your board design; including GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, USB, Ethernet, PCI Express, CAN, SD/MMC, and SDIO. VTOS Scan is a standalone verification tool that integrates with Kozio's vAccess™ for automated test and supported JTAG hardware for validating circuit boards without an operating system or boot loader.

VTOS Scan identifies interconnect faults and component placement problems on your printed circuit board. VTOS Scan is also a powerful standalone debug tool - quickly finding problems that prevent other embedded software from running.

VTOS Scan is sold as multiple products:

  • VTOS Scan Base - for GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART testing.
  • VTOS Scan Plus - for GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, Ethernet PHY, SD/MMC, NOR Flash, and Local Bus identification testing.
  • VTOS Scan Ethernet - for internal, MAC, and external Ethernet packet testing.
  • VTOS Scan USB - for full speed USB enumeration and testing.
  • VTOS Scan PCI - for PCI Express, PCI, and PCi-X, full speed PCI device enumeration and identification testing.
  • VTOS Scan ADC - for analog-to-digital converter (ADC) testing.

VTOS Scan Provides

  • Firmware that is ready to run on your custom circuit board, requiring only a working CPU with a JTAG interface.
  • Friendly, task-focused user interface that walks you through debugging non-booting boards.
  • Automatic test generation from known-good boards.
  • Identification of faulty components using your custom PCB reference designators.
  • Robust scanning of DDR, I2C, PCI/PCIe, Ethernet PHYs, Flash Memory, GPIO, SD/MMC, SPI, and USB.
  • Extensible, scriptable scanning engine.
  • Easy to read output for humans or parsers.
  • Fast code execution and scan results.

  • General Features/Benefits

    • No firmware development required
    • Load onto any circuit board using a supported SoC
    • Fast and simple to use

Additional Resources

No-boot Board Debugging

  • Runs from on-chip memory, insulating debug from faulty devices
  • Instant recovery from processor and device faults
  • Run multiple scans and tests without reboots

Production Test Benefits

  • Extremely fast testing and scanning
  • Consistent reporting for manufacturing runs and post-processing
  • Quickly scans and verifies the operational capabilities of a printed circuit board
  • Run on bare boards, partial assemblies, or fully assembled units


  • Scan results include: bus type, bus index, devices found, and a description of each component discovered
  • Component reports include a user-configurable ID field that can be mated to PCB reference designators
  • Example: Type=I2C, Bus=0, Address=0x88, ID=U32

Supported SoC Architectures