VTOS™ Standard and VTOS™ Advanced

A Complete Subsystem Test Development Platform

Verification and Test OS (VTOS™) provides a platform for developing complete subsystem test packages for embedded systems without the need for firmware development.

VTOS™ Standard and VTOS™ Advance have been combined into one offering.

It includes Kozio’s set of proprietary memory tests, which have been developed in collaboration with major memory suppliers, along with scriptable memory-mapped access to devices on the local, SPI, and I2C buses. Also included is a rich set of high level subsystem tests, support for a wide variety of buses and peripheral devices (displays, cameras, sensors, etc.), and an SDK for extending VTOS™ via driver support for new hardware and/or additional subsystem tests.

Engineering applications of VTOS™ include extensive verification of new embedded designs, environmental and clock margin testing, testing cost-reduction design spins and component changes, burn-in monitoring, and analyzing failures returned from manufacturing or the field. In manufacturing, VTOS™ is used for fast device programming, along with full subsystem test coverage.
VTOS™ is delivered as a binary package for your processor/SOC family. Using VTOS™ Builder the package can be configured in minutes for your particular hardware design, without compiling. It can be run from your bootloader (U-boot, VxWorks, etc.), or loaded via JTAG. The cooperative multitasking environment used by VTOS is ideal for hardware debugging and fault isolation, since a particular test process is never interrupted by unrelated tasks.

VTOS™ has a small footprint (typically less than 5 MB) and boots very quickly (less than 10 seconds), but it contains many services and features that will accelerate your verification and test processes:

  • Command line interface
  • Interpreter and scripting
  • Memory-mapped processor-bus devices (local, SPI, I2C)
  • 6 levels of execution tracing
  • Serial, USB and Ethernet communication over SLIP/IP
  • TFTP file transfer support
  • Built-in file system (for scripts, FPGA code, etc.)
  • Device programming support (Flash, FPGA, etc.)
  • Extensive subsystem test library
  • SDK For custom extensions

VTOS™ Benefits


  • Runs from your bootloader or JTAG -- no firmware effort or compiling required
  • Cuts test-development firmware effort 75% or more, by using a standard platform
  • Extensively verify design functionality
  • Easily modify tests and test sequences


  • Quickly script new tests, or modify tests from engineering
  • Cut production line boot time to less than 10 seconds
  • Program Flash/FPGA/etc. from processor, saving minutes


Representative functional coverage -- actual coverage will depend on processor/SOC feature set


DSI, DisplayPort, LCD, HDMI, and LVDS






Ethernet (SGMII/RGMII)


PCI Express (PCIe)



USB 2.0 (OTG, Host, Device)

USB 3.0 (OTG, Host, Device)



WiLink WiFi